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Hong Kong's Best Eyelash Extensions: Novalash

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NovaLash Celebrates 10 Years of Combining the Best in Beauty and Brains

NovaLash celebrates its 10th year at Professional Beauty London

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Third Annual NovaLash Lash Off Contest

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NovaLash's Lash Off Contest announcement

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Beauty News: Enter the NovaLash Video and Photo Contest

All About Eyes: The Ultimate Challenges
NovaLash Joins Forces with National Breast Cancer Foundation Travel Must-have for savvy honeymooners!
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Couture for your eyes in every Size

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Beth Fetzer, COO NovaLash Inc, shares her wishes for 2014 in the January issue of the Beauty Industry Report!
NovaLash Honors Lashionistas
NovaLash shares Lash Love in London at Professional Beauty Show

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NovaLash in American Spa Favourite Eyelash Extensions line NovaLash Lash Off Announcement in Modern Salon
Sophy Merszei & Sophia Navarro make the cover of Salon Today!
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“Lash-ing Legacy”

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Marilyn Burr designs Miss Miami's lashes for her big Wedding day!

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NovaLash awards Karlene Smith and Bianca Martinez BIR Magazine

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Celebrating Lash Off of the year winner Shannon Sturdivant

Romance in the Hair – Lovely lashes
Get Mila Kunis look for Valentines day
NovaLash Awarded Favorite Eyelash Extension Line by American Spa 2012 Lash Envy
Some serious LASH envy at this year’s Academy Awards, NovaLash has your back.
Little miss sunshine ~ pieces of flair
Make those eyes pop this summer
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Keep your eye area smooth and wrinkle free while sleeping
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Get her look.
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Wake up looking fabulous and ready to go by complimenting your NovaLash Eyelash Extensions with the LASHcloud
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Use NovaLash Eyelash Extensions to get Heidi Klum’s look
Night out
Candied lashes add a bit of sparkle to that wink
Modern Salon's Style Watch: 2012 SAG Awards
Zombieland actress Amber Heard’s most alluring feature? Her beautiful almond-shaped eyes.
Sweet and Sexy Lashes
Traditional strip and cluster lashes are perfect for celebs to change looks quickly and add sparkle on the red carpet, but these options for lengthening and thickening lashes are a bit harsh for everyday wear.
NovaLash Owner Speaks Out On Kristin Chenoweth's Allergic Lash Adhesive Reaction
NovaLash owner and cosmetic chemist Sophy Merszei spoke out this week via Youtube.com regarding Kristin Chenoweth’s allergic reaction to synthetic eyelash extensions.
Hot Magazine: Eyelash Expertise
The condition Chenoweth was disguising was caused by an allergic reaction to formaldehyde in a certain brand of eyelash extension adhesive used to adhere her eyelash extensions.
Cosmopolitan Magazine
I Tried It Tuesday: Lash Extensions with NovaLash Advanced Lash Artist, Courtney Akai
Daily Glow
Kristin Chenoweth, star of ABC's GCB, is finally coming clean about why she hid behind sunglasses during appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Anderson Cooper Show.
There's a fine line between frost and flakes, so we're a bit torn about the snow-fairy lashes we've spotted this season. NovaLash’s newest glittered extensions, called Candied Lashes, are hand-dipped in ultrafine crystals and freeze-dried. The color assortment spans 10 twinkling hues ranging from wintergreen to silver lilac. If you add temporary lash bling for the day or invest in a semipermanent sparkle, would you sport pale, snow-tipped lashes?
Pamper Me Fabulous!
FabFitFun attends Pamper Me Fabulous giving away free prizes including lash extensions from NovaLash!

Girls Gone Sporty Review
When I was first approached by a NovaLash representative regarding their eyelash extensions, I was a little surprised. The words “sporty” and “fake eyelashes” don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but they made a compelling argument as to why the extensions are perfect for active ladies.

BLP Reader's Choice Awards
NovaLash wins Beauty Launchpad Magazine's 2011 Reader's Choice Awards for Best Eyelash Extensions, Best Eyeliner and Best Mascara!


Sparkle Plenty
Add some glitz to her already fluttery fringers with NovaLash Candied Lashes, a holiday treat made of premium eyelash extensions dipped in ultra-fine, colored crystals that are freeze-dried for stay put shimmer.
Get Pretty Fast!
After squeezing in a quick workout on your lunch break, you probably wish you had more time to refresh your look before heading back to work. Don’t sacrifice beauty for the sake of time – pick up these five products designed to help speed up your beauty routine.
Festive Finishes
Lashes applied by Christina Perez, NovaLash's 2011 Lash Artist of the Year!
Lash Out
They're one of the hottest commodities in the beauty biz right now. And they bring in repeat customers. Here's why eyelash extensions are the way to go!

Modern Contributors
Christina Perez, NovaLash's 2011 Lash Artist of the Year, travels to NYC to apply lashes to Modern Salon model for "Lash Drama" article.


Lash Drama
Christina Lynn Perez applies lashes to Modern Salon model and gives step by step instructions on how to apply NovaLash Eyelash Extensions.


Beauty LaunchPad
NovaLash Curly Curl Lashes featured in Pony Express!


NovaLash Expert Shares Her Favorite Tip
The most recent episode of MODERN SALON TV briefly discusses the art of eyelash extensions. Everyone agrees eyelash extensions can add instant beauty, but they have to be done right. Novalash Lash Artist of the year Christina Perez shares her favorite tip on finishing eyelash extensions.
Behind the Lashes of Sophy Merszei
Nothing inspires me more than creating something new; something that has never been done...something like NovaLash! Dive right in, concentrate, and see a project through to completion—with no rules or blueprints to follow. That’s the true essence of creativity.
Dermascope's Worth A Look
Candied Lashes, brought to you by NovaLash, are premium lash extensions hand-dipped in ultra-fine, colored crystals and freeze-dried for stay-put shimmer.


Huffington Post
To relax and get pampered, Santa Monica-based J. Nicole's Day Spa and Salon handed out a goodie bag which included gift certificates for a house call massage, a $100 gifts card used to towards any services at its day spa, products from Bumbe & Bumble hair and Obagi Medical skincare as well as a set of Candied NovaLash Permanent Eyelash Extensions.

NovaLash Candied Lashes Light Up The Holiday
What’s sweeter than candy and twice as nice to gaze upon? This season’s most eye-opening accessory, Candied Lashes! Candied Lashes, brought to you by NovaLash, are premium lash extensions hand-dipped in ultra-fine, colored crystals and freeze-dried for stay-put shimmer.


Houston's Most Beautiful Women
You don’t have to look far to find beautiful women in Houston. Here are 10 that Health & Fitness Sports Magazine readers admire for their beauty, intelligence, grace and accomplishments.

Z Life Magazine
When brainstorming questions for our fall profile on the lovely Gina Grant, one of the most frequent questions that came up was a simple “Between travel, work and family, how do you always look so good?” One of her favorite beauty tips? NovaLash eyelash extensions.

Women of Beauty
Featuring Leah Lynch, NovaLash Lash Artist from Interlocks Salon & Day Spa in Newburyport MA

Awards & Recognition
Novalash named Christina Lynn Perez of Cheeky Strut Salon in Grand Rapids, MI, its Lash Artist of the Year!
Pink Power
Spa and wellness companies are dedicated to giving back in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. NovaLash Swarovski Crystallized Forceps Set -- $10 from each set will be donated to the Pink Ribbons Project.
Lash Lovin'
Congrats to Christina Perez of Cheeky Strut Salon in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Novalash's "Lash Off" first ever Lash Artist of the Year contest winner!
NovaLash Opens Eyes to Breast Cancer Awareness
Once was that a woman would bat her eyelashes to get a man’s attention. Today more attention should be paid to the threat one in eight women face or will face in the future if a cure is not found: breast cancer. So NovaLash decided to created 50 limited-edition forcep sets encrusted with pure pink Swarovski crystals and make them available for $100, $10 of which will be donated to the Pink Ribbons Project.
Style Watch: Celebrity Style
Hollywood Lashes — Fans of singer Adele might love her classic, thick eyelashes, but is there a way to get a similar look that is more appropriate for everyday wear?
Longing for Beauty
The art of applying lash extensions takes training and practice, but the resulting profitability and client loyalty far outweigh the investment.

Candied Lashes by NovaLash
Candied lashes are as sevurely fastened and carefully crafted as the NovaLash extensions you know and love, meaning you can skip the seasonally shimmery makeup and clumpy mascara.

Lash Artist of the Year
NovaLash launched the First Annual Lash Off Contest naming Christina Lynn Perez of Cheeky Strut Salon as Lash Artist of the Year. The Grand Rapids Michigan lash extensions artist stood out among the capable candidates due to her impressive artistry, flawless technique and dedication to industry standards.
Biz Tip: Get Appointments Back on Track
Are clients still stretching their cut and color appointments? Try hooking them on a service that's much harder to stretch, recommends Sophy Merszei, CEO of NovaLash.

Refinery 29
Most of our editors have all tried out eyelash extensions and have only had awesome things to say about them—imagine a month where dramatic eyes doesn't have to include loads of mascara. The guru of lash-lengtheners is probably Alicia Hunter, who's a certified NovaLash artist, and works a pair of tweezers like no one else.

Style With Glee
There are 2 beauty challenges I have in life, one is sparse eyebrows and the other is pretty much non existent eyelashes. I have typical Asian lashes, sparse, stick straight and growing down. To get lash fab, I either have to wear false once, which I have yet to perfect the application of or curl and apply 2 coats of mascara (and sometimes 2 brands) to make any sort of impact.

Modern Salon
Waves vs. Curls! A Modern Salon How-To feature uses LASHliner by NOVALASH on gorgeous model.
Modern Salon
Style Watch: Ones To Watch! After filming a three-minute clip that expressed her artistry, technique and dedication to NovaLash Lashes, Christina Lynn Perez of Cheeky Strut Salon in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been named winner of the first annual Lash Off Contest.
Pretty Lady Products
NovaLash Candied Lashes Light Up The Holiday! Don't steal the spotlight — be the spotlight. What's sweeter than candy and twice as nice to gaze upon? This season's most eye-opening accessory, Candied Lashes!
Modern Salon
Proud to be Pink! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month— check out these "pink products" - specifically branded to support the cause! Swarovski Crystallized Forceps from NOVALASH. $10 of each set of forceps sold will be donated to Pink Ribbons Project.
Scratch Magazine
Custom Eyes: Consider a lash bar to complement your nail desk – it’s a craze that’s growing and brings huge profits to the business portfolio to bring win-win to the salon floor.
VIBE Vixen
Meeka Calxton: Top 5 Beauty Must-Haves. There’s much to be said for a woman who’s “got her own”. Though she’s known for being the right hand lady to retired NBA baller Speedy Claxton, VH1 reality star Meeka Claxton of Basketball Wives season 3 is holding it down as a business woman.   Includes NovaLash Eyelash Extensions by Alicia Hunter – Meeka’s secret for her signature standout lashes.
Spa Pick: Eyelash extensions, the long and short of it
You've seen them – super long, flirty lashes that defy the boundaries of mascara. But are they real? Likely not.

While the popularity of prescription-only Latisse and other lash growth serums are on the rise, semi-permanent eyelash extensions are still fluttering their way across the Valley.

STYLE SPIN: Your Guide to Red Chair Style!
Need an instant POP of color for your eyelashes?  The newest trend in eyelashes... Candied Lashes from NovaLash!  I visited Amber Duncan, NovaLash extension expert for information on this latest trend...
“The service appeals to all types of women: those who don’t like to wear any makeup at all and therefore don’t like to put on mascara; others who wear a moderate amount but like to be able to look great from morning to night with fewer touchups; and those who simply want added length, volume and a very glamorous look,” explains Sophy Merszei, CEO of NOVALASH
NovaLash Supports The Pink Ribbons Project
In support of the Pink Ribbons Project, NovaLash has created 50 limited-edition forcep sets, encrusted with pure pink Swarovski crystals, for applying NovaLash eyelash extensions with style and for a purpose.
Geek Chic
“I got NovaLash Eyelash Extensions done last week! They are the same type of extensions Kim Kardashian wears. Hers look absolutely unreal though, I believe she stacks them (I'm sure her natural lashes are amazing  too anyways).”
NovaLash Announces Lash Artist of the Year
As a pioneer in lash extensions, education and distribution, NovaLash launched its first annual Lash Off Contest and named Christina Lynn Perez of Cheeky Strut Salon in Grand Rapids, MI as Lash Artist of the Year.
Sister Brother
In the past, lengthening and thickening of eyelashes was limited to artificial-looking false lashes or ineffective, clump and smudgy mascara. With extensions, any look or style can be achieved by the use of varying lengths, thicknesses and textures. From undetectably natural to dramatically thick and/or long, the choice is yours.
Big Game Weekend GMC Tailgate Event
The Big Game Weekend at the Belmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas featured a two-day gifting and hospitality suite for athletes and celebrities in town for Superbowl XLV. The high-profile guests attending The Suites were welcomed to Dallas by great brand partners including Conair, Blackberry and NovaLash.
"We were able to personally connect with professionals from each one of our target markets all in one show — which is very rare. There is no doubt in our mind that The Image Expo will become one of the top beauty tradeshows in the country..." --Ali Moon, Marketing/Public Relations Novalash Eyelash Extensions
Beauty Curious
Of course I had heard people say that the beautiful lashes of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce were eyelash extensions.  I just believed that if they were, they looked so good because celebs have the best of the best eyelash extension artists at their disposal.  I had no idea Michele was an eyelash extension MASTER - right here on Long Island!
American Spa
People on the Move:  NovaLash named Alicia Alaniz as master trainer.  She will be responsible for training educators from beauty institutions across the country in the company’s lash extensions curriculum at the International Academy of Eyelash Arts and Sciences.

City Unlisted
Extensions bring the effortless joy of never needing to apply mascara (only to watch your eyes morph into sad raccoon rings). They also ensure that you never wake up in the morning or emerge from a shower, pool or ocean looking like a blank canvas. The next time you’re caught off guard by a surprise encounter, rather than staring at the ground because you feel like an unmade bed, look up and flutter, and you’ll see why lash enhancing locations are becoming nearly as popular as nail salons.
Skin, Inc.
Happenings!  Industry news from skin care professionals and suppliers.  Alicia Alaniz was added as Master Trainer for NovaLash.
Beauty Link
NovaLash Offers First Lash Extension Certification to Beauty Schools.
Lash application is one of the most coveted salon services, grossing $44 million lash year alone, according to Neilson data.  By meticulously training teachers who will eventually instruct beauty school students, NovaLash adds an invaluable tool to every student’s style belt.

The Beauty Bean
Eyelash extensions can be quite the eye opener (literally). Unfortunately, they also require you open that wallet up (wide!) too. Sure, you can do the temporary stick-on ones for a night out on the town, but if you’re looking to be more permanently glam (and who isn’t?!) Novalash lash extensions are the way to go.
Bella Magazine
Meet the Expert: Erika Menanteaux, North New Jersey-based eyelash extension specialist who works with celebrity clients including Danielle Staub of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”
Carrie Ann Inaba Gets NovaLash’d
“I just got Novalash Eyelash extensions with Jaycee Eleanor Jean Boutique in Sherman Oaks  I LOVE THEM!!!! My natural eyelashes are non existent.  But look at my lashes now!!! :)  This is very exciting for me ...They are great and natural looking - and I am grateful to Jacey Kassabian at Eleanor Jean Haute Beauty....and NOVALASH.  :) Thank you!”-- Carrie Ann Inaba, Dancing With The Stars
Ask Michael Cohen
Celebrity Beauty Expert Alicia Hunter Reveals 5 Ways to have Truly Lovely Lashes.  Sometimes all it takes is a great LBD or the perfect pump to look fabulous.  And those things don't look half as fierce without a few key things -- great lashes being one of them. And more than ever, women are taking notice.  To get to the bottom of it, we asked a celebrity eye lasher, Alicia Hunter, who has lashed models at Richie Rich fashion shows and has made "Real Housewives of New York's" Sonja Morgan look her best.
Beauty LaunchPad
Check out what today’s top beauty makers are doing!
Eyelash extension services grossed more than $44 million last year, and NovaLash is doing its part by starting at the top.  The company’s Academy of Eyelash Arts & Sciences in Houston trains leading beauty school instructors in the fine and meticulous art of lash extension, and they in turn pass on the talent to tomorrow’s salon stars.

Beauty Launchpad
The countdown begins! Don't miss the June 30 Lash Off Submission Deadline!  This is the opportunity to show the world your lashin' skills and be named Lash Artist of the Year! Winners will also be selected for the following categories: Most Dramatic Look, Most Natural Look, Most Creative/Artistic Look and Fan's Choice!  All category winners will receive $5,000 in Cash & Prizes!
The Texas Wedding Guide
NovaLash: Treat Your Eyes!
“When finalizing all the wedding details, don’t forget about your eyes!!! Eyelash extensions can give your eyes a dramatic yet natural look that will make your eyes scream beauty, and will look great in your wedding portraits.  Make sure you get quality when you look for extensions!  One of the best eyelash extensions on the market right now is NovaLash.” - Miss Bliss

Beauty Launchpad
Beat Summer Mascara Bummers with NovaLash
Ahhh, summer: a laid-back season of swimming, sand, surf and sun.  Unfortunately, it’s also traditionally a season of messed-up mascara, courtesy of all that swimming and sweating!  What’s a lash loving girl to do?  Of course, you could mess with clumpy, flaky waterproof mascara, or even choose to suffer silently a summer of runny raccoon eyes.  

Beauty LaunchPad
Eyelash extension services grossed more than $44 million last year, and NovaLash is doing its part by starting at the top.  The company’s Academy of Eyelash Arts & Sciences in Houston trains leading beauty school instructors in the fine and meticulous art of lash extension, and they in turn pass on the talent to tomorrow’s salon stars.
Beauty LaunchPad
After Glow: Help your bronzed goddess put her best face forward with NovaLash Curly Curl Eyelash Extensions in .15mm in Black.  
Harlow Magazine
Lovely Lashes
For the lash-challenged, leave it to the professionals.  With locations in Ventura and Malibu, StudioLash is your go-to place when it comes to gorgeous lashes and looking your best.  Owner Danielle Asher is the most sought-after celebrity lash artist in California.  Give her two hours and she will transorm your lashes from “blah” to “beautiful.”

US Weekly
Celebrity News
Newest member of Basketball Wives Meeka Claxton getting lashes by NovaLash stylist Alicia Hunter in NYC.
Endless Beauty
Empowering Interview: Alicia Hunter
Alicia has a passion for lashing, and sees clients 24/7 – if a client has a lash 911 (translation: they need to feel sexier right NOW and Novalashes are the fastest way to make the biggest impact), she’s there!  Both due to her commitment to her clients and her understanding that there are in fact times when a girl’s just got to have her NovaLashes!

Trend Luxury
NovaLash, Luxurious Eye Candy
Lash addicts can freely roll out of bed without breaking a lash since NovaLash last for 4-6 weeks. With its thick and long features you can say “bye, bye” to stubborn mascara. Wherever your summer plans take you, NovaLash ensures that you’ll have an eye-opening experience.
Beauty LaunchPad
Insider Profile: Alicia Hunter discusses her journey from paralegal to lashionista.  
“I absolutely love where I am now in life.  I get to travel all across the world seeing new places, meeting new people, and making women look— and feel— even more beautiful.  What other profession could be this rewarding?”

Living Proper
May 2011
Mascara got you in a clumpy situation? Give your eyes a summer makeover without the side effects of runny raccoon eyes.  Turn limp lashes into luscious ones with one luxurious lash at a time.

Read Article
Love Those Lashes
“You may have heard about NovaLashes before or maybe they company is totally new to you--either way what you should know is that they've made quite a name and IMPACT on the entire fashion community and the Hollywood scene. Magazines from In-Style to Salon Today to Lucky frequently publish articles about lash extensions, highlighting the quality, style, and look of NovaLash extensions.”

Baltimore Bride
"My eyes were brighter," says Nutter. "When I looked at the pictures, I felt like a princess."

Salon Magazine French Edition
March 2011

Memory Montage Photography
“Seriously, semi-permanent eyelash extensions are like the coolest thing ever. I didn't know how much I'd enjoy having them until I got a set of my own. It gives your eyes such a boost and it's so nice not having to use mascara or worry about my eyes, I just wake up feeling beautiful now!”

Tips From The Top!  “Even after you graduate, continue to grow your skills by getting certified in additional services.  Can you guess which segment of the beauty business saw the most growth during the recession? Eyelash extensions. “ -- Sophy Merszei, CEO of NovaLash

Giuliana Rancic
hosted 150 friends at the Redbury in LA on March 3 for the launch of her new health/wellness/fitness/beauty website, FabFitFun.com. FabFitFun delivers a daily email blast about Giuliana's favorite products, workouts, skinny snacks, beauty tips and more, and was created in response to her 2 million twitter follower's requests for "insider info" and tips that the never-shy Giuliana so readily and openly shares.  Gift bags valued at $400+, and included a DDF Revolve 400x Micro-Polishing System, a pair of Teva Gnarkosi sneakers, KORRES lip butter glaze, Art of Strength U-Fill It Kettlebell, Three Dots gift certificates, NovaLash Lash+Doctor and a copy of the book “Sexy Women Eat”.
Before: Barely there lashes, straight, hard to curl, unruly and gaps.  I obviously have not been using my Latisse lately.
After: Long, lush, and perfectly curled lashes. I now love waking up bright eyed and bushy lashed in the morning.  Occasionally they need a good brushing with the little lash wand they give you to detangle and keep your lashes in line.

Getting "red carpet ready" usually takes hours for the movie stars, who attend the Academy Awards. But some of them have a secret weapon that saves time on at least one beauty step.  Celebrities are turning heads with an eye-opening look. Cosmetologists say eyelash extensions are the hottest trend in Hollywood.

SO Brighton & Hove
“NovaLash extensions are applied by a therapist in under two hours and last up to six weeks.  You dictate your final fluttering look with the thickness, length and shape of the lashes.” - SO Brighton & Hove

NovaLash sponsors Pink Door’s 2nd Annual My Pink Valentine & Give a Girl a Skirt Dayat EI8HT Lounge in Houston, TX.
For more information visit www.pinkdoornonprofit.com and www.ei8hthouston.com

40+ & Fabulous Blog
“Founder of LeMetric Hair Center, Elline Surianello, hosted a stellar ladies event in New York City for a day of beauty and pampering like none you’ve ever experienced.  Partners included FSL Cosmetics, NovaLash Eyelash Extensions, Santana Enterprises, Osceola Massage, and many more.”
Beauty Launchpad
March 2011
“Client in a beauty rut?  Recommend NovaLash lash extensions to gear up her glam factor this season.  Spring cleaning?  Nah.  Spring preening!”
Modern Salon
March 2011
“This owner  of The Lash Co. in Houston, Texas has taken her love for lashes and passion for the NovaLash product and turned it into a booming business.”
The Beauty Industry Report
“Several companies received honors in BeautyLaunchPad’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards.  In the makeup category, NovaLash LashLiner was honored as Best Eyeliner, while NovaLash Eyelash Extensions won in the eyelash extensions category.  NovaLash was also named the Favorite Eyelash Extensions Line in American Spa Magazine’s 2010 Professional’s Choice Awards.”


“Eyelash extensions are the latest beauty trend sweeping the red carpet and heading to a salon near you.” 3/27/06, USA Today

Why Do the Stars Prefer NovaLash®?

NovaLash® is the ONLY lash extension product that is Certified and Tested American made – Pharmaceutical grade and doctor-formulated for safety.

Paula Abdul prepared for the red carpet at the 2005 Emmy Awards by getting NovaLash® eyelash extensions.

Novalash Available Nationwide!

NovaLash Eyelash Extensions are now available Nation-wide through Beauty First and Pure Beauty Salons.

For a salon near you, please click on the logos at right.


Featured News - USA Today

Paula Abdul Pushes for Stricter Safety Standards in Salons

Salon Safety Advocate, Paula Abdul testified at a Senate Committee Hearing in support of stricter safety standards in salons after contracting an infection from a manicure. Abdul showed support for NovaLash's campaign against industrial-grade adhesives in lash extension products at the 2005 Emmy Awards in Los Angleles.

Super model Cheryl Tiegs is looking forward to life without mascara now that she has NovaLash® eyelash extensions.
Nia Vardalos loves her new NovaLash® eyelash extensions!

Lisa Edelstein, Chaz Dean and Nia Vardalos visit the NovaLash® booth at the pre-Emmy's style lounge.